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Ever since the invention of Ben Wa Balls, the market for similar pleasure balls as expanded.   There are many types of pleasure balls available and you may be wondering what kind is best for you. This website will help you choose a type of pleasure ball that would best fit what you want.

Ben Wa Balls
Ben Wa Balls are made of hollow metal.  Invented in China back hundreds of years ago, they were the stimulators for women before vibrators were invented.  Two marble sized metal balls were inserted into the woman's vagina and balls would move and rotate inside them as the women moved their bodies.  They would wear them while doing their daily tasks or while sitting on a rocking chair.  They believed it helped them achieve stronger orgasms as well as using them for pleasure.
Today they are still used in the same way.  You can find them in sizes from .5 to 1 inch in diameter.  Some people ask if the balls can get stuck inside.  Since the balls are made of metal, they are weighted and will fall out if not held in with your vaginal muscles.  Boading Balls are sometimes incorrectly labeled as Ben Wa Balls and should not be confused. 

Duotone Balls
These types of pleasure balls are similar to Ben Wa Balls.  They are hollow balls but include a weight inside the balls and are usually connected together with a cord.  The balls are made of metal, silicone, or plastic and the weight can be metal or rubber.  As your body moves, the weights will jiggle and vibrate the balls giving off some sensation.  Women often testify on how fun they are to use as they go do their errands or walks.  The balls are bigger than standard Ben Wa Balls, about 1.25 inches in diameter.  The cord can be used to tug on the balls for stimulation and for easy removal.

Smart Balls
Smart Balls are pleasure balls similar to Duotone Balls but a little different.  The two balls are coated in soft silicone or rubber and connected together with a flexible bridge of the same material.  These are soft, larger, and can be squeezed due to the outer material.  This would be a good choice for someone looking to do kegel exercises. As the balls vibrate from the weights, you would be reminded to do a kegel contraction.  You may be surprised at the size if you buy these, but you can use some lubricant and it should work fine.  A typical size would be 10cm long and 3.5cm wide.

Vibrating Balls
When you need an extra punch or more powerful sensation, check out vibrating pleasure balls.  These use battery power to vibrate one or two balls at the cord.  Most vibrating balls will have variable speeds to let you adjust the power.  You can choose these type of pleasure balls if you want a higher level of stimulation.  They are are also called Vibra Balls.

Graduated Balls
Graduated pleasure balls are multiple duotone balls with various sizes connected together from smallest to largest.  Usually one set will have 3 to 4 balls and may have varying weights as well. 

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